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Schedule of Charges
SL Bank's Service Charges Prime Bank Limited
Items Regular Monarch
Statements & Certificates Regular Monarch
01. Current Account:
Account Statement Fee (Last 01 year) Tk. 200 Free
Account Statement Fee (More than 01 year) Tk. 500 Free
Savings Account:
Account Statement Fee (Last 01 year) Free Free
Account Statement Fee (Up to 18 Months) Tk. 300 Free
Account Statement Fee (More than 18 Months) Tk. 750 Free
02. Bank Solvency Certificate Tk. 300 Free
03. Balance Confirmation Certificate Half yearly & yearly free.
If a client takes balance confirmation certificate more than twice in a year, charge Tk. 200 each.
Account Related Charges Regular Monarch
04. Personal Chequebook Free
Savings Account (10 Leaves) Tk. 40 + VAT Tk. 06
Current Account & SND Account (20 Leaves) Tk. 80.00 + Vat Tk. 12.00
Current Account & SND Account (50 Leaves) Tk. 200.00 + Vat Tk. 30.00
05. Bundle Package Charge (SMS Banking, Phone Banking & Internet banking) Tk. 500 Free
Account Maintenance Fees Regular Monarch
06. Savings Account Free
Up to Tk.5000 (Half yearly Average Balance) No Fee
Tk.5001 to Tk.25000 (Half yearly Average Balance) Tk.100 (Half Yearly)
Tk.25001 & above (Average Balance) Tk.300 (Half Yearly)
Current Account & SND Account Tk.500 (Half-Yearly)
But no minimum balance fee / incidental charges / ledger fee / service charge.
Locker Charges Regular Monarch
07. All Branches with Locker Service Small = Tk. 3500
Yearly + Security deposit of key
Tk. 4000.00 (Refundable).
50% discount on usual rate
Medium = Tk. 5000
Yearly + Security deposit of key
Tk. 4000.00 (Refundable).
50% discount on usual rate
Large = Tk. 7000
Yearly + Security deposit of key
Tk. 4000.00 (Refundable).
50% discount on usual rate
Online charges Regular Monarch
08. Inter District:
Cash Transaction & Inter Branch Fund Transfer
Up to Tk.50,000 Tk.50
Tk.50,001 to Tk. 1,00,000 Tk.100
Tk.1,00,001 to Tk. 5,00,000 Tk.300
Tk. 5,00,001 to Tk. 10,00,000 Tk.500
Tk. 10,00,001 to Tk. 50,00,000 Tk.1500
Tk. 50,00,001 & above Tk.3000
Fund Transfer Outward Regular Monarch
09. Foreign Currency Endorsement Min. Comm. 0.50% - Max. Comm. 1% + Tk.150
10. Payment Order Issue : Free
Customer Tk. 100
Non-Customer Tk. 200
11. Issuance of Duplicate DD/FDR etc. Tk. 500 Free
12. Issuance of Duplicate Pay Order Tk. 300 Free
Special note for customers:
Prime Bank Limited reserves the right to amend the terms, conditions or rate stated in the schedule without any prior notice.
VAT is applicable @ 15% on all fees, charges and commission effective from 1st July 2002 as per Govt circular no. SRO 117-LAW/2002/342-VAT dated 6th June 2002.
*Charges detailed in the Monarch banking schedule of charges should be read in conjunction with Prime Bank Limited - General schedule of charges.
You shall be responsible for all government taxes, charges, VAT and other surcharges as may be applicable and/or imposed by the Government from time to time in relation to the services hereunder and all such taxes, duties, levies or charges shall be adjusted/set-off from your accounts.
Monarch banking services are available to you as long as you remain a Monarch customer. In the event, that you cease to eligible for Prime Bank Limited’s Monarch banking, your Prime bank limited account relationship will automatically convert to a standard account and will be subject to normal fees and charges detailed in “Prime Bank Limited schedule of charges”.
Fees/Pricing of any other service shall be as per negotiation with the customer.
VAT is applicable @ 15% on fees and charges